Ongoing Supportive Services


Individuals have the opportunities to increase their knowledge and competence in basic educational skills. The goal is to enable the individual to function more independently at home, work and in the 642-902 community. Instruction is offered in areas such as access to the community, budgeting, money skills, functional reading and writing and telling time. Referral assistance to individuals seeking GED certification is also provided.

Independent Living Skills

Sessions are provided with the goal of assisting individuals in developing skills which enable them to be more independent at home. This may include meal preparation, nutrition and diet, clothes maintenance, grooming, health, personal hygiene and other related topics and indicated.

Social-Interpersonal Skills

Staff utilize concepts such as role modeling, positive reinforcement and counseling to assist individuals who have difficulty interacting with others.

Vocational Skills

Individuals receive training in areas related to improved 646-206 ocational performance. This includes factors important to success on the job such as production rate, work quality, work habits, punctuality and attendance. Work experience is offered in the areas of custodial, food service, material handling, assembly, packaging, salvaging, collating, machine operation, sorting, inspection, landscape maintenance, shipping, and receiving. For individuals who have achieved a level of performance to where they would be ready for community employment, assistance is available with job seeking skills and referral to agencies who provide direct assistance with job placement. Rolling Hills will work with the individual throughout this process.