Our Fruit Orchard

About our Orchard:

Seated in the Heart of Carroll County Illinois , Rolling Hills Progress Centers has an orchard with 575 plus trees featuring Pears, 22 varieties of Apples; Jon-a-red Apples, Jonathan Apples, Jon-a-licious Apples, Gala, Liberty Apples, McIntosh, Red Rome Beauty Apples, Red Delicious Apples, Golden Delicious Apples, Yellow Delicious Apples, Cortland Apples, Blushing Golden Apples, Honey Crisp Apples.

What ever your apple needs are (applesauce, eating, crisps, pies, cider, canning) we have a delicious apple for you. Our staff have been harvisting apples for over 10 years and are very knowledgeable on the types of apples and what they are good for. They are very friendly and can help you with any questions you might have.

Early varieties available starting late August and Early September. Cider available in early fall. Also we sell windfalls which are great for Apple Sauce.

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