RHPC Foundation Goals

The Foundation Board of Directors has identified the following as specific goals of the foundation.

The vocational Needs of Individuals With Disabilities.

A review of the vocational training needs of individuals with disabilities shows there to be a void in the ability to train individuals for occupations in the Service related Fields such as employment in a dine in or fast food restaurant.

A Significant portion of the work opportunities in the Carroll County community is in the service related field.

A primary goal of the Foundation would be to provide the funding fortraining in service related occupations for individuals with disabilities.

A hands on training facility to train individuals in the service is viewed by the Foundation as essential to meet this goal.

Funding would be used for the purchase of such a facility. The long term goal for this program is that this facility would become a self sustaining entity.

Modern Equipment Needs

A second major goal of the foundation is to secure funding for modern equipment.

Modern Equipment and capital is essential to provide training which accurately represents what is used in today’s industrial world.

The right equipment is also needed to allow work sites to be competitive in securing work for meaningful training for individuals with disabilities.With a greater variety of realistic work there are more productive opportunities for those with a disability!

Emergency Needs of Individuals with Disabilities

In tough economic times those with a disability are likely to be those who suffer the most.

The Foundation will identify individuals who have needs in the ares of food, clothing, shelter, or medical needs.

The Goal of the Foundation is to have funding available to meet those emergency needs.

Development of Recreational and Social Opportunities

Through Special Olympics, participation in sports and activities such a bowling, basketball, skiing and gold the world of competitive sports has become reality for individuals who previously did not have this opportunity.

Through other recreational and social trips and activities the individual with a disability has the opportunity to enjoy trips to major league baseball games, zoos, museums, dances, and other recreational and social activities.The Foundation will do everything it can in support of keeping these programs going as well as sponsoring more!