Product Assembly

Expand your production capacity without hiring a single C4120-782 employee or buying any equipment. Rolling Hills can develop a manufacturing solution that fits your existing internal capabilities.

Standard services offered:

  • Mechanical or hand assemblyRHPC works with a wide range of components. Simple or complex, there is nothing that the dedicated workers of RHPC cannot assemble.
  • Custom gluingCollate and glue corrugated pads, built-up pads, other C4120-783 gluing projects involving cold processes, hot melt or cyanoacrylate
  • Collating and assemblyRHPC assembles instruction manuals, DVD’s, CD’s, software packages and other new and recovered resources from the demanufacturing process.


Packaging products

Case Kits, boxes, shrink wrapping and shipping are available. We ship UPS or return the product to you.


  • 12 Electronic counting scales
  • 5 Mechanical balance scales
  • 2 Floor scales


Is there a step in your manufacturing process that you are not efficiently equipped to handle? Are you interested in receiving a quote from Rolling Hills that may save you money? We can provide the extra staff to meet your scheduling and quality requirements.

Let us develop a solution for your company! Rolling Hills has a long record of assembling a variety of parts. We can customize our process to meet your manufacturing, management, and documentation needs.

Count on us for:

  • Expedient delivery
  • Short-term warehousing
  • Local delivery and pickup
  • Custom packaging requirements
  • Quality inspection services
  • Immediate quality results

Other services

Contact Rolling Hills and let us learn about your company’s needs.

Call: 1-815-493-2321. We will provide a custom proposal tailored to meet your needs. Backed up and delivered by a professional team with nearly 40 years experience.