Why Outsource


For nearly 40 years of assembly and packaging experience. Rolling Hills has risen to the challenges of its customers. Put a proven team of workers on your next project!


With the use of our equipment,
equipment if the contract requires equipment that we do not have on site. If your company needs us to use your company equipment, we can arrange for your equipment to be brought on site and used by our workforce.

Reduce capital outlay

In a down economy running your C4040-123 organization efficiently finding new ways to save money is crucial. With the help of RHPC you can create a new product line with no capital outlay. Why would you pay for more staff, benefits packages, and facility space when you can outsource to Rolling Hills; save money and help our staff live stable and fulfilled lives?

High Quality Outsourcing Services

For nearly 40 years, Rolling Hills has never had a problem with quality. We inspect 100% on all tasks we complete.

Scalable scheduling & workforce

Do you need our services on a project-by-project basis. Pay when you need us and occur no cost when you don’t. Our employees work second shift, weekends, or whatever it takes to complete your job on time.

Earlier product launches

We have the experience, man power and expertise in product assembly and packaging to help you quickly launch a new C4040-124 product. With minimal cost or complications, you can add a new package or assembly to your line.

150 Workers to help you grow

Rolling Hills has put the time into creating a skilled work force through proper training and management. Outsource your next project to a local Illinois company, save money, and we will put our staff to work for you. For nearly 40 years, our workers have delivered quality services ahead of schedule and at competitive rates.