Since 1975, we have been serving our corporate and government customers with needed assembly and packaging services for a variety of end uses. From simple sub-assembly work to more customized projects, Rolling Hills Progress Center (RHPC) has the capabilities to assemble and package just about any item that will help reduce your costs and increase profitability.

Contract assembly and packaging at Rolling Hills is a mainstay operation for our workers with disabilities. They know that their contribution is vital to meeting your needs. We take pride that in over 40 years we have had few quality control issues; production schedules are consistently met; and our prices are always more than competitive.

Assembly and Packaging


Virtually all of our contract work at Rolling Hills from assembly and packaging to final shipping is customized to meet your specific needs and specifications. Workers on our assembly and packaging lines are assisted by over 30 Rolling Hills staff to assure quality standards and production schedules are maintained with 100% inspection.

Ninety-five percent of our production requires one or more methods of assembly and packaging -- collating materials, sorting, shrink wrapping, building kits, retail displays, PDQs, gluing, stapling, bagging, sealing, bundle wrapping, parts assembly, and sleeve and tray erection, just to name a few.

Our conveyor systems and automated equipment can be customized to comply with your production requirements. From time to time, companies have shipped us their equipment to gain peak efficiency on proprietary projects. For larger production jobs, we often purchase needed equipment.

Order Fulfillment


Rolling Hills is staffed and equipped to handle inventory, order processing, and shipping functions for your company that can help reduce labor costs and let you focus on your core business operations.

After inventory is checked into the warehouse, orders are picked according to order quantities, ship-to locations, and shipping label application. Orders are then staged for shipment by full load, LTL, or UPS.

An added feature of RHPC order fulfillment is our ability to separate, re-package, or re-assemble goods damaged or incorrectly labeled on your production line. Finished goods are then moved to storage, ready for order picking as needed.

Government Contracting


Rolling Hills operates under Operations Security (OPSEC) guidance to Government Contractors in compliance with Dept. of Defense MIL-STD 129.

RHPC best practices are annually reviewed and audited under the strictest quality standards by SourceAmerica®, a national non-profit organization that matches government contracts with non-profit work centers that employ individuals with disabilities.

RHPC contracts are issued by the U.S. Army - Rock Island Arsenal.

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