Special Olympics Track & Field

On May 12th we attended the Special Olympics Track & Field we had 10 coaches and several family members from RHPC attend. The day started with a parade of athletes and opening ceremonies followed by competition from 10:00 until 2:15.

Our athletes had some great success look at these results!

Danielle Baes…50 meter race – 1st, Softball throw – 2nd;

Nina Bankston… Softball throw – 1st;

Alyssa Floming… 50 meter race – 2nd, Softball throw – 2nd;

Jason Fosdick … Softball Throw – 4th, 50 meter race – 1st;

Larry Hamilton…Softball throw – 5th, 50 meter race – 2nd;

Ed Hearne…Softball Throw – 8th, 50 meter race 3rd;

Kerry Klitz…Softball throw – 2nd, 50 meter race – 3rd;

Johnathon Lenhart…. Softball throw – 1st;

Jennifer Pitts…50 meter race – 1st, Softball throw -2nd ;

Lorie Rice…Softball throw – 3rd, 50 meter race – 1st;

Tashina Rice…Softball throw – 4th, 50 meter race – 5th;

Brian Wagand – Softball Throw – 1st, 100 meter race – 1st.

All first place winners will advance to State Summer games on June 15th – 17th at Illinois State University.
Overall we had perfect weather, old and new friends, and a safe and fun time had by athletes and coaches.