Workers of the Year

Rolling Hills Selected Two Workers of the Year


For the year of 2018 Rolling Hills Progress Center selected two individuals as Worker of the Year…. One person selected from Plant #1 and one person selected from Plant #2.


Picking a Worker of the Year is a serious consideration for staff. All staff had input on nominations and then participated in an election to pick the eventual winner.


A little about this year’s winners:


The Plant #1 winner is a long time worker at Rolling Hills.  He started back when Rolling Hills was just in one building…what is now called plant #1.


♦He has excellent attendance.

♦He works steadily all the time.  He’s a very hard worker!

♦He is neat and clean for work every day.

♦He has made some big changes in his life over the past few years….among those accomplishments is having his own apartment.

♦He’s friendly and interacts with others.

♦And he’s proud of his work at Rolling Hills.


The plant #2 winner is also a long time worker at Rolling Hills.


♦She is always a hard worker.

♦She never complains.

♦She’s at work every day.

♦She takes pride in her work.

♦She’s friendly and personable.

♦She just loves to work and in shows in her attitude and work effort.


The Worker of the Year winners are:


Plant #1:  Jim Hook

Plant #2:  Sue Allen


In recognition each received $100 and they were awarded the flag that flew over their respective building over the course of 2018.  The flag is encased in a display box with an engraved plate that lists their name, award and year.