Mission Statement


The Rolling Hills Progress Center (RHPC) mission is to provide vocational and activity services to Carroll County and surrounding area residents with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and physical disabilities. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for growth and development of vocational skills through remunerative employment, as well as increased functioning in the areas of independent living, functional academic, and social and recreational skills.



At Rolling Hills Progress Center, adults with disabilities can find pride and satisfaction in a job well done. Following are a few frequently asked questions that come from our clients and their families:

Lower Labor Costs


Is the rising cost of labor forcing your management team to discover smarter options that help bottom-line profitability? Regardless of your enterprise, a more efficient allocation of labor is not only a wise strategy but a “must” to stay ahead of competition.

Outsourcing to a trusted third-party contractor, such as Rolling Hills Progress Center, can free your management time and reduce concern about staffing routine activities. Do you have limited workforce capacity or deal with seasonal work variations? Consider spreading out your labor costs through the economies of scale that contract outsourcing offers.

The burden of full-time employee benefits and other labor-related costs can also be lessened by outsourcing. Consider contracting selected products or items in your supply chain to a local area facility with the manpower and space to offer less costly labor-intensive solutions.

Rolling Hills employs fully trained men and women with disabilities to help you reduce the cost of labor, increase profitability, and contribute to a quality community-centered program.

Lower Logistics Costs


If your business depends on moving finished goods from your location to the customer’s warehouse, finding efficiencies that save time and money in logistics and storage can be a management headache. There are several ways that outsourcing can reduce these costs.

Working with Rolling Hills allows your production greater flexibility to scale up or down due to shifting business demands or seasonality. Outsourcing to our nearby facility can create added value through re-working, re-packing, and re-labeling production line errors or damaged goods without interrupting your normal supply chain process.

With over 100,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, Rolling Hills Progress Center is ready to be your assembly, packaging, and order fulfillment source, located less than two hours from Chicago, Dubuque, or the Quad Cities.

Access Local Labor


There is a hidden advantage to outsourcing locally for your packaging needs. Rolling Hills Progress Center has ready access to a local labor force of focused, dedicated employees, who enjoy the opportunity of working close to home.

As globalization increases, many U.S. companies are moving back to investing in local economies. Hiring individuals for outsourcing, who have invested interest in their community, creates worker friendship in a flexible team atmosphere. Better employee morale results in less absenteeism, higher engagement, and greater productivity.

At Rolling Hills, close to 100 individuals with disabilities take pride not only in learning your specific project requirements, but enhancing and improving their own personal skill levels.

Operational factors such as work quality, production rates, punctuality, and attendance translate into success with material handling, packaging, line assembly, collating, machine operations, inspection, shipping, and receiving. Outsource with people who love what they do!

Logistics and Warehousing


Over 100,000 square feet of production and warehouse space are at your disposal. Truck docks can accommodate four 53-foot trailers. Our northwest Illinois location is less than 2 hours from Chicago, Dubuque, or Quad Cities. We ship anywhere in the country by common carrier or UPS.

Our insulated warehouse, with LED lighting, can store up to 300 semi-loads with double stack skid capacity and storage racks serviced by four fork lift trucks. Pallet stretch wrapping or re-stretching is automated.



Since 1975, Rolling Hills Progress Center (RHPC) has been serving our corporate and government customers with outsource assembly and packaging services for a variety of end uses. Our fully trained line workers with disabilities take pride in offering light manufacturing services using state-of-the-art equipment.

Below is a current list of our automated production equipment being used to assemble, package, and label products for companies such as: Procter & Gamble, Wahl Clipper, Silly String Products, and contracting for the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

  • (4) 122’ Automated conveyor lines
  • (4) 40’ Automated conveyor lines
  • (3) In-line shrink ovens
  • (6) Semi-automatic heat seal L-bars
  • (3) Automatic box tapers
  • (2) Automatic stretch wrappers
  • (2) Automatic baggers with counters
  • (1) ARPAC brand pack bundle wrapper – Model BPMP 5300 series
  • (1) APM ML-2 18SS fully automatic shrink wrapper
  • (1) ARPAC TS-37 NE shrink system
  • (1) Conflex E-250C automatic heat seal L-bar
  • (1) Zebra 140Xill label printer
  • (1) NewWay automatic can labeler – Model V4SB SN: 21066

Request a customized quote on any assembly or packaging job that can help you reduce costs and increase bottom line profitability. We are ready to discuss the purchase of equipment, depending on volume and anticipated production time. Many companies prefer shipping us their own proprietary equipment for custom assembly and packaging production.

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